Our projects

EE-4C in Nairobi – Kenia

What does EE-4C do in Nairobi?

EE – 4C Kenya was founded as a financial holding company in December 2018.
The two founders, Sven Greisert and Stephan Mattner, had the vision to create the conditions for the foundation of individual enterprises (MIKs – Made in Kenya) with a holding company. These companies are intended to provide alternative jobs for former poverty prostitutes in Nairobi.
In 2020, the first MIK, Alpha Omega Services Ltd, was established. Alpha Omega Services hired its first African employee in 2020. In addition, two Kenyan partners are shareholders of Alpha Omega Services Ltd.

How has B4T Empowerment helped?

In December 2020, the EE-4C and B4T Empowerment GmbH joined forces. B4T acquired a stake in EE-4C and is now also represented on the board of EE-4C. With this participation, we were able to hire additional Kenyan management staff.

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What is planned for the future?

In March 2023, the distribution of industrial luminaires in Kenya was initiated as a pilot project. Implementation will begin in June 2023 with the import of the first 20-foot container. After successful evaluation of the pilot project, these industrial luminaires will be manufactured by an MIK in Nairobi.
Alpha Omega Services expands its portfolio in the areas of administration, accounting, occupational health and safety and labour law.
A company in the field of renewable energy systems is preparing to enter the market and is hiring its first domestic engineers.
A company in the IT services sector is preparing to enter the market and is hiring its first local technicians.
Furthermore, a semi-industrial bakery is to be opened in Nairobi, for which the EE-4C is currently looking for investors and donors. The first poverty prostitutes are already attending a vocational school to learn the bakery trade.



Flamingoo Foods in Rukwa Valley – Tanzania

What is the problem in Tanzania?

Despite increasing economic growth in most developing countries, hunger and poverty remain the most significant problem facing humanity. One in five adults and one in three children in Africa still suffer from hunger or malnutrition. Key drivers of the problem are lack of rainfall, which leads to droughts, food shortages and unaffordable prices. What is dramatic here is that sufficient quantities of food are often only a few hundred kilometres away, but do not reach the deficit region.

What does Flamingo Foods do?

In Tanzania, we buy the raw products from the farmers, store and process them and distribute them to neighbouring countries. This agile distribution network enables us to react quickly to food surpluses and deficits. At the moment, we are focusing on the staple food rice.

State-of-the-art weather and satellite technologies allow us to proactively adjust our storage and trading strategy early on to the expected crop yields, thereby combating hunger. We are working to ensure that every African has access to food.

How has B4T Empowerment helped?

To accompany and support the upscaling programme, B4T Empowerment provided funding to Flamingoo Foods Ltd in May 2021. With the help of this, the capacities of the rice mill were quadrupled, another rice mill was built, new market entries (such as in Burundi and Uganda) were carried out and other staple foods such as maize and beans were included in production and distribution in the medium term.

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Agripioneers – Tanzania

What does Agripioneers do?

Agripioneers is a group of donors and impact companies with a vision to remove the obstacles that many founders face when starting a business. The focus is on food and agriculture businesses, as this is the way to fight food insecurity, hunger and poverty.

Founders have the opportunity to attend a 3-month intensive business school in Iringa and develop their business plan. Afterwards, they have the opportunity to present their business idea to investors. If their idea is financially supported, nothing stands in the way of its realisation.

How has B4T Empowerment helped?

In 2022, eleven companies of the incubator “Agripioneers” were evaluated for a possible investment and the four most promising start-ups were invested in. All four companies convinced with their strong social impact as well as their innovative business model. Based on an agreed milestone plan, all four companies were financed in early 2023.

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